Church Address
3201 North Loop 336 West
Conroe, Texas  77304


CELL PHONE   936-697-0145

  1. Dennis & Marge Devine

    We really enjoyed meeting you and your family. Catching up on Geneva was awesome as well. The world is truly getting smaller.

    – Same here – cl

  2. Chris, Thanks for the Christmas greeting from the little puddles to Valerie. It meant so much to her.

  3. Jason L. Bespalec, M.D.


    Thanks again for the great time while we were in Texas. Back in the Big NU and freezing our aXXXX off. Nice pictures. I really enjoyed the jam. Later. JLB

  4. Chris,

    Wanted to let you know my niece and her husband who live in College Station will be moving to Lubbock, where he will be a teaching and doing research at Texas Tech. I know it will be better having him be a red raider rather than an aggie. Dr. B said they had a great time and it was good to see everyone. Take care John

  5. Hi Chris and Kathryn,

    It was great to see you even for a few minutes. I know Richard enjoyed your time together. Hello to all.
    Your across the street neighbors,
    R & D

  6. Mike, Jackie, Stephen

    Just wanted to drop you a note saying we continue to pray for your son and your family. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

  7. Debra Pieniazek

    Thanks a bunch for the tickets to see Greg Mortensen! I took Ethan along with me last evening and we battled the thunderstorm on the way there, but it was well worth it. Ethan had some great questions for me on the way home. I picked up the children’s version of Three Cups of Tea on the way there for him to read. I think I might read it myself – more pictures, maps, glossary, etc…He is as I had pictured him – quite humble, not pretentious, and can speak clearly and simply to an audience in order to get his message across and to have it remembered. Thanks, Debra

  8. Good Morning,
    My daughter and I worked on the the pillar project while in New Orleans. We were in the am session and didn’t get to see the final version of the pillars. We will be in Gulfport MS on a mission trip. We will be visiting New Orleans and would like to see the pillars. Do you have the name/address of the community center/pillars? Thanks for your help.

  9. Melissa Hoffmann

    Hello Chris!
    I have lost contact with my old pen pal Katherine Grace (now Lake). I believe she is your wife and I have only an old mailing address from Geneva, NE. Could you please pass on my hello to her and pass on your new mailing address or her email address to me. My email is Looking forward to catching up with her again.
    Thanks, Melissa Hoffmann (from Maple Ridge, BC. Canada).

  10. Did you ever hear from my wife. I did pass on your message. Hope your well.

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