The following is an article written by a member of Tree of Life — GAME ON in deed!

Growing New Branches at Tree of Life
Submitted by Jan Zuehlke
As Hurricane Ike hit in the early morning hours and trees were being snapped by wind and power lines were going down, Tree of Life branched out to help the community in many ways. The week began with church on Sunday in the Fellowship Hall with no air or light when Pastor Chris challenged us to reach out and grow new branches in the community and told us-Game On!
On Monday morning, we first tried to call all of our members to make sure no one needed help but with phone lines down this effort was not very successful. From there coffee was made on the gas stove the old-fashioned way and a group of our young people passed it out in the FEMA lines. As some of us were going to deliver sandwiches to the lines we got the call that Camelot Pines off Hwy 105 needed our help. We turned the corner on Camelot and began a new branch with the residents in need there. From there it was coffee, lunch, helping clean out refrigerators, recharging wheel chairs, and finally receiving a generator from the Synod office for them. This branch will continue to be nourished.
By Tuesday, we had free Wi Fi in our narthex which was well used by many folks who needed to make contact with loved ones. For example, one lady came every day to email her husband in Iraq and just to be in the fellowship of our members who were caring and sharing. As the week progressed, lots of coffee and lemonade helped to cheer up all those many folks who waited in the long lines to fulfill their basic needs of food, water and fuel.
A big thank you to all who helped to nourish our branches and reach out to others in need during this time. A special thank you to Pastor Chris for his tireless efforts in leading and inspiring us to be good neighbors as we grow new branches at Tree of Life. Game On Pastor Chris!!!
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I am a pastor and self proclaimed Lutheran Geek. I serve Tree of Life Lutheran Church.

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