Nancy is OUT of surgery. NO Cancer!

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  1. Diana Stigleman

    Thanks be to God! Told you His blessings were many…

  2. It was such a blessing to have so many members of our church family to be there with me in the waiting room and with Nancy in prayer. Pastor Lake was right there with us and provided great spiritual and emotional comfort prior to and after the surgery. As I mentioned to one of my high school classmates (in Washington D. C.) in an email, “I know that God is in charge and He has a plan for all of us. I’m just glad His plan for me did not include learning how to live without my best friend.”
    Thanks to all who continue to provide support for us during Nancy’s recovery. She was able to come home Sunday evening (12/7/08) under strict orders for us to treat it like she was in the hopsital. So, in keeping with that directive, I have waited for Nancy to get to sleep before waking her to see if she needs anything. 😉
    Peace to all

  3. By the way, let me identify the folks in the picture. The doctor to the left is Dr. Christine Lee (Nancy’s gynocological oncologist) and the other doctor is Nancy’s OB/GYN, Dr. Mark Nichols. Together they really hit a home run for us. The guy with the blurred hands (they ARE quicker than the eye) and big smile is me – Steve.

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