Video of Cecile Murray and Baby Joe

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO Dachshund Saves 79-year-old Woman Steve Simon January 29, 2009 “Baby Joe” is relaxed this week. The dachshund isn’t in the mood for a toy bone or walk outside. She has been staying close to her owner perhaps because a pit bull got dangerously close a few days ago “If i would have let her she would have chewed my leg off,” says Cecile Murray. Murray is in a wheel chair now. Her leg has 15 stitches and her hand is bandaged up. She thinks an encounter with a neighbor’s pit bull could have been worse if not for “Baby Joe”. The incident happened Friday after Murray was getting mail in front of her Conroe home on Lakeview Drive. That’s when the pit bull jumped on her. “It was all jagged, she bit me twice and held on, ” Murray says. Murray says the pit bull held on until Baby Joe held her ground and made a move. “She helped me because she just kept jumping and growling at the other dog.” That gave Murray enough time to get away and run into her house. The pit bull is now in quarantine at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. From


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