Ben Update 8/27/09

Dear Friends,

 We heard bitter sweet news this week from Ben’s cardiologist. The surgeon agrees with our doctor that Ben needs surgery soon in order to try to save his aortic valve which we are happy to hear. The bitter news is that they found additional malformations. The sinotubular junction (an area of the aorta directly above the aortic valve) is also narrowed. Although we knew this news was coming, today is the day we have to start living in reality and face the upcoming drama that will face our BenBen and our family.

 We are hoping that Ben will be able to have his surgery in a month. Enough time to get a good start to school and enough time for the major drama to subside before the advent season approaches. We are waiting now to hear from the person who schedules the surgeries for Dr. Fraiser (Ben’s surgeon). We hope to hear from them soon.

 Thank you for the continued support and prayers. Many of you have asked if there is anything that you can do to help. Thank you for that. Trust us . . . when we know the date of the surgery, we will start getting ready for what is to come and we will be asking for help. Until then, please continue to keep BenBen in your prayers. Thank you.

 Kath and Chris Lake

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  1. Richard Ramirez

    My thoughts and love are with BenBen and you’re family brother.

  2. Beth Marie Halvorsen

    So, the date is set for surgery…. Now, onto the next stage. Know that I hold all of you in my prayers. Remember I am available (especially in November).

  3. Elmer Hessheimer

    My prayers will be with Ben, you and Kath.
    I know everything will turn out for the best.

  4. Thanks Elmer-

  5. Thank you friend. Hope life is good up there in windy city.

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