Today Show:Are 911 operators ready for your call?

Please watch this.  Friends in Nebraska please be aware that this is something that effects you daily.  We need to make sure that all 911 operators are certified and that we spend the money to make this happen.

I have said for years when I was in Nebraska that someone would be better off using OnStar service in your car than calling 911 sometimes because the OnStar operator is trained better than some 911 operators.  That means the rich have access to a service that the poor do not.  Please watch this.

Today Show:Are 911 operators ready for your call?.


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  1. If there’s anything at all you can do to make sure 911 operators and responders know where they’re going, please do it! About two years before Pastor Chris came to Conroe, Texas, one of our precious little ones had a serious asthma attack and the ambulance personnel couldn’t find his house! He was resuscitated at a local hospital and transported to Texas Children’s where he died about a week later. If they had known how to find the house, Chaz might still be with us. Don’t let this happen to your little cornhuskers! Protect them with everything you’ve got!

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