Rosie waiting for the Vet.


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I am a pastor and self proclaimed Lutheran Geek. I serve Tree of Life Lutheran Church.

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  1. How did Rosie do at the vet? When you opened the door to the kennel, did she flee for the hills hissing and spitting anyone who dared follow her? Or was she a good kitty cat and simply submitted? My dogs howl all the way to the vet. Frequently wetting the floor once we go inside (even after having gone right before we go in). And when the vet comes in, I’ve never see two small dogs get so much smaller so fast.They start shedding the long white hair and trying to hide behind me. I’m always surprised that they are not bald by the time we’re back in the car.

  2. She did just fine. She doesn’t acknowledge me much these days, but she is fine.

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